"Trees should serve perhaps as scenery but never as a part of the stage"- Donald Ross.

Lone Cypress Golf-

green trees on rocky mountain near sea under cloudy sky during daytime
green trees on rocky mountain near sea under cloudy sky during daytime

Remembering golf thru the power of the trees

Creating a rememberance for years to come

Trees from iconic golf courses do not belong in a pile of mulch, they belong in the hands of those who have played the courses where the tree once stood. Allowing for a memory for years

Remembering golf thru the power of the trees

On a golf course, a tree provides shade and perhaps an obstruction, and unfortunately many times struck by a wayward shot.

These trees should provide memories, laughs and conversation off the golf course, let our products provide those memories.

Help us turn potential mulch into memories

Quality, not quantity

Each of our pieces are handmade by Retired US Veterans in North Carolina. We do unique small batch custom pieces so no two are the same as each piece is hand turned

Lone Cypress Golf

Memories not wood chips

At Lone cypress golf, our goal is to repurpose wood from iconic trees on iconic golf courses. Saving these trees from the mulch pile while building memories thru products made from the trees that were lost

A down tree should not be a loss but a memory

Our Products make Memories not Mulch

We hand make quality products in North Carolina that allow for memories. Our products are hand made by US Veterans, with trees sourced from specific golf courses

They make great gifts and bring back great memories

Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Memories not Mulch

Do you really need another shirt?

Write a short text about your service

Write a short text about your service

Write a short text about your service

Remember the experience

You probably didn’t set a new course record


Do you have a tree you want memorialized?

green trees near body of water during daytime
green trees near body of water during daytime

A great gift is one that is appreciated, utilized and refreshes memories

Lone Cypress Golf produces high quality products made of specific sourced trees from the courses you have played and remember.

A portion of our profits go to support the Evans Scholars foundation

Quality, not quantity

PGA Tour Pro, Todd Demsey and I were playing Chicago Golf Club last year. On the fourth tee, I gave a sight line to aim at a lone tree in the distance. I told Todd there used to be 2 trees there but one was recently struck by lightning and now there stood a lone tree. As we walked up to the site the fallen tree was still present. It had not been taken off to the wood chipper.

Todd mentioned he would like to take a piece of the tree, and 2 months later the first putter was made using wood from that iconic tree.

Lone Cypress Golf

Our Products are hand made in North Carolina, by US Army Veterans

Each piece is carefully handmade by our expert woodturners, each a US Army Veteran, located in North Carolina, near Fort Bragg, where they trained and served.

Each piece is cataloged by type of tree and location specific to the course it was collected from

Lone Cypress Golf

A Ball Marker can add to the beauty of the product.

Each product identifies the course and hole that the wood came from along with the species of the tree

We have used ball markers from many courses to add that extra reminder.

Your Logo engraved with precision

Do you have a special logo for members only, or a special logo for an event, make a special piece that will bring back memories


Keep a memory in your hands

Our products are made for story telling, memory sharing, or to show appreciation. Our products will spark memories and conversations.

A lost tree should be remembered, not put aside for mulch or firewood

Our products identify the type of tree, location on the golf course and any special note about the hole.

Hold a piece of history

It may be a putter, a bottle opener, a poker chip holder, a pen , a wine stopper or whiskey stopper. We hope our products remind you of a round with friends and bring a smile to your face and a conversation with your friends

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